Without thinking about the resources and impacts on environment people use energy that has become a part of life. As most of the energy is generated from fossil fuels such as oil, coal or gas around 66 percent of electric power and 95 percent of the total energy demands such as transport, heating, electricity generation, etc is provided by fossil fuels around the world. However, due to the burning of fossil fuels, the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere triggers changes in surrounding environment and contributes to global warming as well. The only practical and straightforward way to prevent this from happening is to increase efficiency of energy consumption.

Energy Efficiency in Home

The first step to reduce the impact on the environment is to become energy-efficient that means encouraging technology, reducing dependence on non-renewable resources, creating jobs and saving money. In the U.S. economy, the largest consumers of energy are transportation and industrial sectors. This is why; increasing fuel efficiency in these sectors can have a great impact on the environment. Apart from this, you can also reduce unnecessary energy consumption and green house gas emissions at home so that you can save money and lead a healthier life.

There are many ways through which one can improve energy-efficient strategies and products. First of all, energy-efficient homes are sealed and insulated against air leaks. If you have hidden cracks in areas such as attics then the cooling and heating systems work harder as cracks can permit airflow thus increase the utility bills. Secondly, to maximize the energy efficiency of your home uses heating and cooling system only when it is necessary as they consume half of the energy in a home. You can also look for appliances that have energy star rating that can increase the overall efficiency of a home.

Significance of Energy Efficiency

To be energy efficient is about using less energy but what is the significance of doing this? Energy efficiency in home is key tool to fight against the climate change but in broader sense the significance is far beyond the climate change.

  • Buying energy star rated appliances or taking daily energy-efficient actions such as washing clothes in cold water, etc can save a large amount of money.
  • Energy efficiency not only saves money but it also helps in creating jobs, saving billion a year and helps businesses and city to save on a much bigger scale.
  • Energy efficiency can also cut down the local air pollutants that come from burning oil or wood thus it can save natural resources. From cars to power plants consuming energy produces emissions that are harmful for environment.
  • A significant amount of household expenditure goes to the power bills in which some find difficulty in paying. Energy efficiency provides an opportunity to reduce the utility bills and at the same time enhances comfort.

Energy efficiency makes the environment more enjoyable and improves productivity. By being energy-efficient you can lower some costs and gain an array of benefits.
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Want to maintain a tone, lean and fit body?

Remember the days when you went to gym regularly. You were preparing for mini-marathon. Fitness is the result of long term habits. It consists of nutrition as well as training. Nowadays, people are facing problem of time constraint. Their life style is stressful. Here are some basics for you to maintain the fitness throughout:

  • Every one wants a fit and well maintained body. Are you familiar with its benefits? You should be very clear about benefits of achieving target weights or maintaining your body shape. Different aspects of your life will get benefited. It will be in form of finances, children, career, relationships, entertainment and social life etc.
  • Your fitness will make you role model for others. There will be high self esteem. Self-confidence will grow. Your skinny wardrobe may be utilized. You need not to buy cloths with bigger size. You may improve your food selections. Then you may maintain healthier life.
  • Do not skip breakfast. Wake up fifteen minutes earlier to have your break fast. If your breakfast is nutrient poor, if you are eating junk food, then it is going to be stressful for your digestive system.
  • Your time should not be sacrificed for your health. For your fitness training, you should be able to set times/days. Your workout should be of high intensity. Duration may be short. Have timely work out. When you do weight lifting, your bone density is maintained/increased. Do this repetitively. Rest intervals should be short. Your muscles may have burning sensations. If you are lifting heavier weights, then you may opt for fewer repetitions.
  • Try to perform HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).It helps in muscle building. It increases EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption). Combination of HIIT and strength training may increase your EPOC significantly.
  • Hormone Cortisol is released due to stress. Then about yourself, you may feel differently. If there is dehydration, meals are skipped and less sleep, then there will be stress on your body.
  • Rest is important for regeneration. During night hours, your bed room should be pitched black. It is better to use alarm clock that is battery operated. Do not use cell phone. Stress levels are increased by mobile phones, as they engage your mind, when you are taking rest.
  • Magnesium is a mineral that plays important role in your dietary supplement. It improves your insulin sensitivity and quality of your sleep. Many people are Magnesium deficient. This mineral should be par of your diet.

Have patience

In fitness, you can not have short cuts. You need to stay on tracks. Self control is required as for as crazy diets are concerned. You need to focus for long run. Your targets should be achievable. Do not starve yourself. Opt for a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain.

Fitness should be an integral part of your daily life. It is an investment for health. You may make list of workouts/exercises. It required dedication and hard work to be in shape.

Investing in properties is not a new concept, actually it has been in vogue for many years. When compared to other kinds of investments, realty happens to be less risky. But have anyone wondered why all those who invested on land or other types of immovable property do not get their return on investment of the same magnitude? Well, it greatly depends on the location of the property. Most of the investors give their undue attention to the appearance of the realty and the facilities present in it. They often ignore or care to see where the property is located and regret at the later date for not focusing on the area where it is situated. Here, let us look at some of the key reasons why significance need to be give to the locality of the property.

When planning to invest on a property, it is always good to choose a place that has a good potential to develop in the near future because the value of already developed locations would be high at the time of purchase itself. Moreover, the chances of getting high returns will always be the location that grows along with your investment. The next aspect would be to check if the property provides accessibility to general amenities within a short distance. For intance, swimming pools, parks, open area, playgrounds, multiplexes, shopping complexes nearby your invested area not only makes life wonderful for you but also increases the value of your property as it attracts other investors too. Even if these amenities not present at the time of purchase there should be scope for it in the future as the growth of your investment is directly proprotional to it.

Proper connectivity to the place where you have bought a property will also boost its value. This is because whoever is going to stay there needs to travel to carry on with their day-to-day activities. Occupants save on effort, time and money if the property is well connected especially by public transport. For instance a property bought in ahmedabad nearer to a bus transport facility will prove worth it than the one bought far away from the facility. Schools, hospitals and colleges near to the invested property is another big attraction as anyone who plans to live in the property would anyway have to access these basic facilities and the return on investment doubles if the schools and colleges happens to be international or reputed ones. The same way super specialty medical centers too are great value additions. Normally, land values nearby big corporates or companies are more. This is because of the growth potential they provide in terms of employment and housing or renting opportunities. Hence, look for investment areas that has established corporates or firms or else look for areas that has the probability of having one in the near future.

Having considered various reasons and aspects, leaving security concerns associated with the property will defeat the whole purpose of purchasing a property. It is very natural to buy a property that would make the inmates very safe and secure. Hence it would be wise to choose an investment that is well secure and offers enough possibility to enhance the same at any point of time.

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Smart cities are those that is equipped with state-of-the-art communication capabilities, utilizes digital technology for improved well-being and performance by lowering utilization of resources and in turn costs. The ultimate aim is to engage its citizens in an active and effective manner so that the city they dwell in becomes a top city in performance and growth at the global platform. The prime minister of india has envisioned to create nearly hundred smart cities across the lengths and breadths of the country to make our country to be known as “Digital India” in the near future. During his speech he said that cities were built nearby riverbanks in the past but are being built next to highways in the present situation. He also stated that cities would be built depending on the availability of futuristic infrastructure and optical fiber networks in the future. In short, Digital India is expected to evolve as a country leading in delivering health services, banking and eduction, digitally.

According to CNN reports, the formation of such smart cities have already begun especially between the Mumbai and Delhi Corridor. Such planned cities consists of Special Economic Zones or Special Investment Regions with reduced taxes and relaxed regulations in order to attract foreign investments. Recently the Maharashtra government identified ten cities to be developed under the smart city project. It included Pune-Pimpri Chinchwad, Solapur, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Nagpur, Amravati, Kalyan Dombivali, Thane, Nashik and Aurangabad. While the country is expecting to get smart cities under its fold, basic needs such as food, education, electricity and healthcare needs development so that the country can boast of having smart cities in the actual sense.

Some of the key features to be implemented in Smart Cities include Automatic traffic signals, improved public transport services, Smart Traffic system, Quick accident relief, Data Centre, Control Room, Face Identification System and many more.  The objective is to reduce traffic woes, facilitate smooth and quick traffic movement, individuals to get information on traffic congestion in advance so that they can plan accordingly, individuals will be able to get help in case of faulty vehicles or accidents through CCTV facilities and the data centres will have information of each every city. Inter-linked control rooms will improve coordination among sectors such as services, health, crime and traffic in turn help individuals while the Face Identification System would act aid in nabbing criminals quickly and easily.

India, though lacks in certain areas and sectors it is however strong in technological development. The country ranks third in the world next to China and US for having the largest internet savvy population in the globe. This is considered as a huge leap towards progress. The internet population is growing at a rapid rate that it is expected to reach 210 million users by the year 2018 in the rural regions alone while the total country base is expected to grow beyond 500 million users by the year 2018. Experts are of the view that the project should be designed in a smart manner giving consideration to the local population and has to develop embracing all its citizens irrespective of caste, creed and class. To achieve this it has to cater to each and every person’s requirements equally.

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Chennai real estate is always known for its robust market and high demand for both residential and commercial units. In recent days the Chennai real estate has started to flourish well in the suburbs of the city especially in the southern suburbs such as Tambaram, Medavakkam, Oragadam, Guduvancherry and more. Well-laid road, good public transportations, and affordable prices have been playing important roles in real estate boom in these areas. Medavakkam is the most popular residential hub in the southern part of Chennai. In the past two to three years, Medavakkam has become one of the most sought after residential place in Chennai. Most of the survey conducted in the recent past have always had Medavakkam in the top position when it comes to flourishing real estate. Not just within the Chennai city, Medavakkam never failed to catch up a prominent place in all surveys conducted across the country.

There are several factor that act as driving forces in developing the real estate market in these areas. As always connectivity and accessibility to central areas of the city make Medavakkam an ideal investment destination. It is well connected to Tambaram, Velachery, OMR, and other nearby areas with frequent MTC buses, share autos, and autos. It forms a junction between Sholinganallur, Velachery, and East Tambaram. Also it is located very close to the IT corridor in Sholinganallur, OMR and Siruseri making it a hotspot for professional population. People who work in the nearby IT companies prefer Medavakkam as it offers well-planned and well-constructed houses at affordable prices.

Be it a low rise apartment, multi-storey buildings, individual villas, row houses, you name, and Medavakkam real estate has everything to cater to your requirement. To cater to the growing demand from potential home buyers, Medavakkam has several new residential projects from various reputed builders.

Some of the completed residential projects in Medavakkam include Navin’s Springfield, BSCPL Bolleneni Hillside, ARRR’s Pavithram, Navin’s Starwood Towers, Pearl Gardens, and Pace Aagam. These are few to list out among several other residential      projects from both small and reputed builders. From 1 BHK and 2BHK to 3 BHK and villas, Medavakkam has a balanced inventory of all types of houses.

Vertical living has attracted several home buyers nowadays. Many builders have started to understand this trend and hence are launching several high-rise residential projects across several areas in Chennai. Medavakkam has also got a good number such multi-storey buildings.

Another important reason that lures many potential buyers from business and professional population towards Medavakkam is its affordable price ranges. The capital value of apartments for sale in this area is around Rs.4500 to Rs.5200 based on the location, amenities, and specifications offered by the builders. Also the appreciation rate in this area is quite convincing for investors to launch new projects here. Developers who have launched residential projects 2 to 3 years ago for a capital value of Rs.3500 have now witnessed a shoot up of prices up to Rs. 5500. Also with several other infrastructural projects planned by the government, the appreciation of Medavakka, properties in chennai is expected to continue in an upward direction.

The recent survey ‘City Momentum Index’ Top 20 list conducted by the global property consultant Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) had Bangalore at the 12th position, making India’s debut in the list. This survey listed the top 20 technology-rich cities in the world. This survey select most competitive cities showing forward momentum by adapting to each new cycle of global change. City Momentum Index tracks the short-term socio-economic and real estate momentum of a city along with measures of the longer-term foundations for future success. The other major cities around the world that stoop up in the first three positions are London, San Jose and Beijing.

The JLL India chairman and country head Anuj Puri said in a statement that “Bangalore performs strongly on these measures, with its capacity for innovation leading to the largest number of international patent applications in India. An increase in the number of high-tech startups registered in the city over the past year has also helped boost Bengaluru’s score, reflecting its strengths in innovation and depth of venture capital funding”. With a large number of prime office space construction, absorption and rental increases, Bangalore is doing fairly well in the real estate sector. The demand for office space in Bangalore in very high among other Asia Pacific cities. Bangalore is ready to offer 12 million square feet of office space in the year 2015-16.

The main factors that helped Bangalore achieve a robust real estate position includes developed investments in infrastructure, high economic growth, presence of startups, and large office space. It is also to be noted that the Bangalore emerged as India’s top real estate market in the survey conducted by the real estate data and analytical firm PropEquity.

While many cities across India are struggling with a weak real estate market this year, Bangalore managed to stay robust in real estate market. The real estate market in Bangalore is more focussed and dependant on end users rather than investors making it a stable industry in the city. With a large number of IT giants and manufacturing and other industries flocking to launch and expand their facility in Bangalore, the number of working population is very high there. The demand for apartments and houses of all sorts including low-rise apartments, high-rise apartments, affordable houses, premium apartments, individual houses, and bungalows are increasing annually in Bangalore.

The fast developing economy of Bangalore contributes to the high real estate demand and rapid construction in both residential and commercial real estate segment in the city. The number of new project launches and net absorption rate were very high in the first two quarters of this year. The capital values of apartments for sale in Bangalore also witnessed a marginal appreciation. Areas such as Hosur Road, Kanakapura Road and Whitefield, witnessed highest appreciation rates. These areas also had the maximum number of new residential project development. The Metro Rail and bus rapid transport system on the outer ring road also contributed to the high demand for properties in areas such as JP Nagar and Kanakapura Road. While real estate in Bangalore are driven by the IT parks located in those areas.

Outdoor wall decoration plays a vital role during summer as it has many functions such as a place to relax, unwind or to hold a big gathering. People always spend a lot of time outside in summers but very few get an idea of decorating the exterior of their house. Decorating the outside wall of your house is a great way to add a personal touch to something that is considered bland. As it gives a taste of your personality, it helps in distinguishing your home from others. There are many kinds of wall decorations that you can use to adorn your outdoor wall. However, if you are choosing outdoor wall decoration from the market make sure it is budget-friendly and of good quality.

Outdoor Wall Decoration Tips for Your Home

There are many inspiring outdoor wall decoration tips that can help in making your space a favorite hangout.

  • If you don’t have much room for a garden you can design a custom garden wall hanging that can add a touch of greenery to any urban space.
  • You can illuminate your patio with the outdoor wood Marquee letter. You can personalize this piece to feature your choice of monogram.
  • Adorn your outdoor wall in Mediterranean-style and decorate your wall with Mediterranean masks and Pittosporum trees to create a shade on summer days.
  • Entertain your guests and enjoy some outdoor privacy with a white, fenced wall. The patio that was once an empty space can be replaced by a beautiful wall.
  • One can also create an outdoor wall art by hanging planters and hang them in groups. On your outdoor wall of your choice you can create a powerful statement with these hanging planters.

Create an eye-catching art work with recycled materials such as tree branches formed into an image, aluminum, iron, mosaics of old ceramic tiles, etc. To form a background image, you can place them on a bare wall amongst plants that adds to the texture and color to the outdoor fountain or furniture.

Types of Outdoor Wall Decoration

There are three major types of outdoor wall decoration, first is a wall sculpture, second is waterproof wallpaper and third is a weatherproof painting.

  • Wall Sculpture: Wall sculptures are usually sculpted from modern material such as synthetic stone, metals and glass and are light. They are large but flat and don’t extend too far from the wall’s surface. With few bolts you can hang them in your exterior walls that add to the appeal and accumulate a weathered look.


  • Waterproof Wallpaper: It is a new type of wall art that are available in different designs and colors to suit your taste. Apply it the same way as you would with normal wallpaper. Unlike the usual wallpaper, it is thicker and durable in all conditions.


  • Weatherproof Painting: Similar to the paintings that you put on the interior walls, weatherproof painting can withstand even the harshest weather. As they are painted onto a specially treated canvas they will maintain their colors through intense rain, sunshine and snow and remain fresh.

It is true that few people consider decorating their outdoor wall but it can really transform an area in the most effective way and add a touch of personality to your house.

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Different regions can have different requirements of pots and pans. The requirement also changes with the size of the family, availability of products and also the cooking style. No one can actually and buys another person about the type of sports and pans they should have. If you are a new homemaker or have just started to cook regularly, gradually, you will be able to figure out what type of pots and pans you need. But, usually, one does not know what type of utensils will help them and if they are available in the market.

Having the right pots and pans will make cooking breeze as you would not have to look around and manage poorly with the existing cookware that may not be meant for the type of cooking you want to do. So, here is a cool guide about the essential pans and pots that you must have in the kitchen based on the experience of homemakers who cook a great deal and wide variety of dishes and feed a few family members to an entire party of guests.

Ten and half or twelve inch cast iron skillet

Pan roasting requires heavy duty pans or skillets. If you have tried other utensils you will know it is extremely difficult rather impossible to roast. Though this type of pan takes a lot of time to heat up, but once it does it can sear, roast and deep fry beautifully, for you to enjoy the juiciness of the steak. If you love slow cooked food, golden brown fries, this pan will not let you down.

Enamelled Dutch oven of large size

With this utensil you can sear and then slow cook, prepare braises, soups and chilli. Go for the type that heats evenly and durable enough to last for years.

Saute Pan with straight sides 

Saute Pans have right angled walls to the base and it is best to cook larger quantity of food such as vegetables. It prevents against splattering and comes with a tight lid. It can also sear and slow cook in this pan as well.


It is the most important utensil to have in the kitchen. Plenty of food can be cooked and stir in it because it is wide. You can cook with little oil and there is no fear of splattering. You can stir fry vegetable and meat, boil, braise, smoke and steam in it.

A non-stick skillet of 10 inch size

Things which have the tendency to stick to the pan surface like omelettes, tortillas, etc. but need to come out perfectly require a non-stick skillet. A cast iron skillet cannot be used as there is always fear of food getting stuck when done just halfway.


This utensil can be used for making stock, pasta sauce and soup in large quantities. The base of the metal should be thick enough to ensure that whatever you are cooking does not get burnt. This type of pot is very helpful and should be present in every kitchen.

Modern architectural structure ensures that house windows should serve as means of security, aesthetics, safety and lastly energy efficiency. These are the qualities that a person generally looks for but there are many things to keep in mind while choosing house windows. Because with time, the design, patterns and materials used for making windows has changed and rather it is developed for betterment. House windows are meant not only for letting the warm sunlight in, but it has more serious purpose.


Windows surely affects the appearance of a house and it is only by choosing the right kind of windows, one can give their house the perfect look they wish to see. After all, it’s the windows that help us to look outside the world and see the other side. Hypothetically, the windows act as the eye for the house. The shapes and designs of the window are done carefully to enhance the interaction of outside as well inside of the house.

Varieties of windows

The list is pretty long, but here are some varieties of windows, casement windows, bay windows, fixed windows, awning windows and many more. Based on the house location, and other important features, one can choose the windows accordingly.

Consider the following factors while buying windows

One needs to carefully look for the following things while buying windows for their house-

  • Structure of the house.
  • Design and character of the rooms.
  • Quality and durability and energy efficiency.
  • Last but not least the budget as well.

Though above mentioned factors are some basic idea but one can choose their windows according to their preferences.

Warranties on the house windows

Warranties for the house windows purchased may depend on the manufacturer and you should be careful to make the deal.  Some of the warranties sounds good and lasts for a long time. But on the other side, if you are choosing some cheap and weak wood material, that won’t last long. It is quite obvious that good material for the windows would cost more but such products are entitled to get replacement in case of any damage.

Other Options to be kept in mind

Always compare the price of the products and try to get the deal settled in the best possible budget that is pocket friendly for you. Some of the companies provide a vast range of color and paint to be used with the window, but all this service comes along with a price. In case you wish to pot for this extra services, do clarify about the probable amount that you need to spend.

If you wish to customize the window and add handles or installing skylight, manufacturers provide special type of mechanisms to operate it more efficiently. But all this services will cost you extra, so make sure you know what you want for the house windows. With the right kind of windows, you will definitely have a new experience in your house.

Sulabha Kulkarni is an environmental activist who closely monitors the Green Moment of Indian real estate. She loves sharing the information he holds to the public and he reaches out through IndiaProperty.com

Food is one of the most important things that you can factor into your event, whether it is a formal or informal one. Even if it is a formal event, there will be a social aspect to it. Such events are an excellent way to introduce your brand or company to new clients and keep the existing clients satisfied at the same time. Like the old saying, “an army cannot march on an empty stomach”, you cannot expect your guests to concentrate on the matter at hand if their stomachs are grumbling. You cannot expect to single-handedly manage the food related issues and still concentrate on your presentation. That is why you need a caterer, preferably, a corporate caterer.

The significance of a catering company in ensuring a successful event

Good food equals to a good mood. A good mood equals to your clients or your party guests listening to what you have to say. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a caterer for your event:

  • Any last minute emergencies related to food or organizing the food are taken care of by the catering company. Not enough tables? Not enough chairs? Not enough clean linen or dishware? No worries.
  • It is obvious that if the food is poor in quality, variety or quantity, it will of course have a negative effect on your event. Thus the need for a qualified catering company.
  • For a personal event, if you want to keep your friends or family in charge, you still will need to supervise and find barely enough time to mingle with the guests. If you hire a caterer, you can rest easy.
  • Most professional catering companies not only make the food and set up the table; they bring the food with them and take care of the mess.
  • Today, there is a variety of preference which is not limited to vegetarians and non-vegetarians. A professional catering company is required to understand and fulfill the palatable needs of your guests.
  • Catering companies understand that it is not enough to just prepare good food. It is equally important to present the food in an eye-catching manner. This is something that should prove difficult (or next to impossible) if you have not hired professional caterers.
  • Corporate catering companies also have enough experience and observational powers to take care of things you might have overlooked. They are absolutely invaluable that way.
  • Catering companies have perfected the method of placing small tables with platters of food across the floor in an efficient manner. They also understand the importance of having waiters walking among the delegates with small trays of food to keep their palates filled and satisfied.
  • Most importantly, many catering companies understand that creating a unique experience serves as an excellent way of making any event a huge success. In other words, that irreplaceable memory of that special thing in your event will ensure that your event and your company are talked about for weeks if not months to come.

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