If you are a home buyer who looks to buy properties in Noida then have a look at these ongoing residential projects of Creative Realtors.


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If you are a home buyer who looks to buy properties in Lucknow then have a look at these ongoing residential projects of Home Infratech.

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If you are a home buyer who looks to buy properties in Ahemadabd then have a look at these ongoing residential projects of City Estate Management.

Here is some good news for the home buyers who are planning to buy a new home in Mumbai.

With the number of permissions have reduced to to 58 from 119 in the in the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)’s new rule booklet, the budget of the builders and real estate developers will come down by 30%. As a result, the builders are now passing on the benefits to the customers by offering 20% as discount on property prices.

Before BMC’s new rule booklet, the builders have to spend an average of INR 1000 per sqft for permission. With the number of permissions reduced to 58 from 119, the cost will be decreased to INR 700 to INR 800 per sqft.

Arqam Shaikh, proprietor of ARC Associates, an architectural firm located in South Mumbai, told mid-day, “Normally the cost (on permissions) were up to INR 1,000 per sqft, however with minimised number of permissions, the expense is expected to come down by INR 700 per sqft. Besides, the biggest hurdle that a builder faces is that it takes more than 4 months to get files passed. Now, with acquiring time been reduced to 60 days, builders can save a lot of money.”

Builders claims that they no hassles in offering the benefits to the property buyers in Mumbai, provided that the officials are meticulous about the new policy.

Anand Gupta, spokesperson for Builders Association of India, said, “Getting an approval takes more than a year or two, this means the builder will certainly lose money. If they get approval within 2 months, eventually there will be significant reduction in price and we can able to offer discount up to 20% for the end-users.”

According to realty sources, this new new rule booklet by BMC is all set to flourish the Mumbai real estate, as it benefits both end-users and builders.

Navi Mumbai, the planned city in the west coast of Maharashtra has attracted many people and now has a large number of the population residing here. The realty market in the area is doing well.

The plan was to make 14 nodes with the best connectivity through road and rail. The region is well connected via road and rail. Now, the metro, which on completion will provide the locality with the best of the connectivity. Other physical infrastructures like power supply, water supply, sewage facilities were planned and designed. The infrastructure facilities available here are many times better than many suburbs of Mumbai. The planned approach is then best approach applied in this region and this has led to the growth of this locality to a greater extent. The market has grown to a large extent in terms of population and with other development. Major infrastructure projects are proposed in the region. This is also another reason for the rate of properties in Navi Mumbai to increase with an increase in demand.

Though the locality has the second largest population in the MMR, the density of population is much lesser compared to Greater Mumbai and this acts as an important factor in the real estate market in the area. The locality has a good place in terms of literacy rate of more than 95 percent and has good social and civic infrastructure facilities.  The locality gives a good quality of life.

The announcement of the international airport in Navi Mumbai has contributed to the rapid growth of the locality. This has played a major role in the real estate market of the city. The commercial market in the area is also doing a good part in the market. These reasons led the market in attracting the major hospitality players in the market. Major hospitality players like InterContinental Hotels, Taj Group, Marriott International have all planned their projects in the market and is expected to be operational in the next three to five years. The major reason for the development is the proposed infrastructure along with the availability of large land parcels at a cheaper cost. The properties in Navi Mumbai are now available at a cheaper cost and this is expected to be the right time to make an investment here. After the implementation of these projects, the property prices are expected to increase rapidly. Real estate experts are predicting a good increase in the capital values of properties here.

The commercial real estate plays a crucial role in the residential market. The availability of large office spaces is attracting many big companies. Many companies are planning to shift their base here as the prices of the residential market are in the reasonable range.

The city now has large lands available for development and infrastructure facilities. The suburbs and few areas still lack of smooth and fast connectivity. The proposed international airport and the proposed SEZs at Ulwe, Dronagiri and Kalamboli are going to boost realty segment of the area. This will increase the employment opportunities and this will make an impact on the residential, commercial and hospitality market. The realty market is promising and will continue to grow in the future.

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The presence of IT industries is one of the major factors driving the residential market of Bangalore. The city known for its pleasant climate attracts home buyers and is one among the favourite cities for many.

The residential market of India is sluggish with piled up inventories. The supply is beyond the demand and the unrealistic rise in the property prices contributed to this slump. Though Bangalore market, saw a fall, the drop was less compared to other cities. The market is now stagnant and the property prices need to undergo corrections.

Though the market is slow, Bangalore is still attracting end users. Most of the home buyers are IT professionals. Presence of IT companies and initiative by the government in developing the infrastructure is attracting the home buyers. H1 2015 witnessed more than 1 lakh piled up inventories. This slowed down the launches thereby the first half of 2015 did not get any new projects in Bangalore. But Q3 2015, experienced addition of 5000 units.

Demand for the housing is more in East and South Bangalore. The main reason behind this is the presence of job opportunities in these areas. But this demand has made negligible effect in the property prices. The important micro markets like Sarjapur Road, Whitefield and Marathahalli experienced water and power supply issues and this impacted the realty market of these areas negatively.

Infrastructure is one important factor driving the residential realty of the market. Proposed metro has largely impacted areas like Kanakapura Road and Bannerghatta Road and the demand for these areas are high among the end users. Property prices in Bommasandra and Hosa Road witnessed appreciation after the proposal of metro. The development of infrastructure has largely impacted the realty sector in a positive way.

With the piled up stock, there are a number of apartments for sale in Bangalore. Localities like Electronic city, Whitefield, Bannerghatta, Sarjapur Road and KR Puram can be considered. Indira Nagar can be considered for premium apartments. Most of the demand in the city is dominated for the demand for 2 BHK flat. This is then followed by the demand for the 3 BHK apartments. Hennur road is witnessing good appreciation in the property prices. This micro market is witnessing new projects in Bangalore of the luxury segment from reputed builders.

In the third quarter of 2015, Bangalore topped in the project launches with the addition of 8,100 units. If you are looking to invest in the city, it is a good option. The market is getting back to the revival stage and with the proposed and undergoing infrastructure developments by the government, the realty segment is going to be positive in the upcoming days. The market is expected to give good returns in a medium to long term basis. If you are looking into luxury segment, Whitefield has luxurious villas and South Bangalore is also a good option.

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Bangalore in affordable segment, then Mysore road can be considered. Though the condition of the market is slow, the market is going to revive in the coming days.

The Nature’s call as the action is generally termed is one of the beautiful wonders of nature. In the ancient days before technology evolved into our lives, man used the natural resources to fulfill his bodily functions. With time, the concept of bathing and bodily functioning rituals has evolved and so has the fashion of it. Not only do we have varieties of toilets, but also digitized and futuristic versions. Now you should understand that the main purpose of having bathrooms has gone beyond mere usage. Aesthetic purposes and values have risen quite drastically in the last decade. Having more square footage adds more leverage to your designing and accessorizing techniques.

How You Can Make Use of Space

There are those who can make even the tiniest of bathrooms look majestic and those that take up the most spacious of rooms into a king of bathroom. How do you go about it? Should you have professionals take a look at your restroom and redesign/ design it? You could, if you have the financial backup for that kind of work. Or else, you could simply take things into your hands and go about DIYing your bathroom.

If you are designing your bathroom for the first time, you have the advantage. You can have inbuilt cupboards, racks, or even plan the entire bathroom on a theme. You could separate the dry area from the wet are. The concept behind the dry area comes from the Europeans. This not only keeps the bathroom floor dry, but also prevents any slippery mishaps. Add in a couple of inches to the floor around the shower area or add a shower cubicle. Simply add a shower curtain and Voila! You have your dry and wet areas separated.

Choose between a European and an Indian Toilet depending on your entire theme. This not only affects the appeal but also the concept of a dry bathroom.

Accessorizing your Bathroom

To keep things as crisp and luxurious as a hotel room bathroom, add in a couple of bathroom accessories that will enrich the look and aesthetic value. Place a couple of racks on the wall for holding the bath towels, a separate rack for hanging your clothes and a hamper to dump your soiled clothes.

It is said that placing a simple glass vase with a flower or two will completely change the look and feel of the bathroom. Don’t forget to place room fresheners and a toilet cleaning pellet. A toilet paper roll is a must for every bathroom. Replace your hand-washing soap with liquid soap.

Most of all select an LED light bulb to light he bathroom. If you can choose a light switch with a dimmer, your bathroom will look like one of those in a magazine. The key to having a beautiful bathroom is to keep it simple and subtle. Add in accessories according to your theme. Be it traditional, modern, classic or royal; always remember to keep only things that are needed.

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We hear of building structure collapses every now and then. This year alone there were many such occurrences reportedly taking place all over the country. To name a few incidents that took place recently include the collapse of a three-storey building near Dehradun, a four-storey structure in West Delhi’s Vishnu Garden, staircase in Kalbadevi, Mumbai and a fifty year old three-storey building in Thane, Maharashtra. Bangalore was one of the Indian cities that woke up to this issue after nearly six similar building collapse incidents happened in Bangalore alone during the year 2013.

Improper foundation, defective design and failing to check SBC or Safe bearing capacity of the soil are citied by the civil engineers as the main reasons for buildiing collapses. According to professionals in the field of construction, laying foundation is very important and it should be according to the bearing capacity of the soil. It is advised not to overload the soil beyond its capacity. For instance,  if the area is suitable for building a two storey building it should not be used to build more than that capacity. Other important aspects to consider while laying the foundation is to avoid shallow digging and to avoid choosing a construction site near by wet bed, valley or wetland. Engineering and design of the building too should not be brushed off as less important. Only qualified and skilled engineers and labours will be aware of the significance of proper and scientific distribution of beams and coloumns as they know that it would strengthen the whole structure. If required, steel can be used for reinforcing the base of a structure especially in areas where the soil’s resistance capacity is inadequate to hold the building. Like wise centring has to be done in a proper manner, binding material used for construction need to be of good quality, concrete retained well and cured appropriately for a specific period of time to ensure a sturdy structure that will stand for many years to come. Since a building’s height is directly proportional to the strength of the foundation, it should not be changed after laying the foundaiton. Keeping the convenience, accesibility and safety of the building occupants in mind, it is recommended that a five-storey building  should have a minimum of a forty feet broad road.

Buyers interested in real estate in Bangalore need not panic.  If they have any apprehensions regarding apartments for sale in bangalore, they can either do the survey all by themselves or take the help of a consultant. Upon request and consultation, even a reputed building promoter would be more than willing to clarify all the doubts. Soil tests can be performed with the help of different agencies in Bangalore itself and see if the real estate promoter has adhered to the quality standards. To get a clear idea about the reputation of the builder, legal opinion can be sought or documents , drawings and sanctioned plan pertaining to the structure he has built can be asked for. Checks should also be made to see  if the approval includes tax related papers, Fire and Emergency department approval  that ensures entry and exit at appropriate points.

Unlike other purchases, purchasing an immovable property like a land or house requires registration.  Land or property registration is nothing but legally documenting the money transaction happening between a buyer and a seller and changing the title of ownership  from the name of the seller to the person who has purchased it. In olden days, there was no proper documentation done as both the buyer and the seller exchanged money and sealed the deal , verbally. In those days people kept up with their promises, trusted each other and on top of all were god-fearing. But now things are totally different and we have trained and taught ourselves to be more practical, meticulous and organized in the way we carry out our work. We now know that without documentation it would be hard for the coming generations to keep track of the purchases we have made and know the value of it.

With the passage of time property values have increased sharply whereby triggering the number of land dispute occurances too. Some of the cases registered range from illegal land sales, unlawful land grabbing to make-believe land purchases that had not happened actually. This is where the importance of property registration comes into picture. Keep in mind that registrations are intended to act as a solution  for land disputes and are aimed at lowering the risk of fraudulent practices since public records are updated on a regular basis.  The registration process also helps the government to earn income in the form of stamp duty and registration charges.  In spite of all the checks and balances in place to ensure that the registration process happens in a fair manner, many  find ways to evade paying the actual registration charges while some forge documents or register a property for a lower value than the normal value.

Online property registration is one such measure introduced by the central government of india to tackle the issues pertaining to unfair registration practices. The main objective  of this facility is to bring in transparency in the process, making it convenient for the end-users, clearing all loopholes associated with the traditional way of registering land and also to conserve paper use. According to the 2002 Land Registration Act , this new procedure utilizes verified e-signatures for registering and transferring immovable property, online. New delhi being India’s capital boasts to be the first indian state to launch online property registration.  Any person who wants to purchase a property in delhi can register from the comfort of his or her home or office. Realty experts too favour this system as they feel they can focus on bigger construction projects rather than spending more time on registering small-sized properties like lands or apartments in delhi.

Safety of the procedure has been a major concern as everyone will accept the fact that property in delhi is always in great demand.  Electronic registration takes care of this particular issue too since it is highly secure.Hackers or scammers are kept at bay because the government has ensured that the servers they use are SSL encrypted offering multi-level security and have a login system that is personalized.

People frequently love to hang out during weekends with their friends and family. For everyone, the first choice of place will be a classy and sassy restaurant. Finding the best restaurant has become a tiring task as many restaurants have a posh dining area but the food taste will not be up to the mark and vice versa too.

Delhi, being a capital of the best sub-continent in the world, has much responsibilities of delivering the best in all industry. Restaurants in Delhi have never failed to satisfy the needs of the people of all classes. Places like Rohini and Uttam Nagar is considered to be the hot spots for some good and posh restaurants. Following are few best and classy restaurants categorized according to their cuisine.

North Indian Cuisine:

  1. Spice Art – Crowne Plaza:

Located at Twin District Center, the core area of Rohini, Spice Art is one of the ready-to-party restaurants serving Indian/Mughlai cuisine. With a sassy ambience and live music, Spice Art becomes the best restaurant to go with friends and family.

  1. Ropad Punjab Walo Ka Dhaba:

If you love to have the best North Indian dishes in Rohini, then Ropad Punjab Walo Ka Dhaba will be the perfect choice. But, this restaurant is only for pure vegetarians (Alas for non-vegetarians!). It is not only economical, but lso offers the best and tasty dishes, and is perfect place for family.



Chinese Cuisine:

  1. The Chow:

People call this place as the MOMO joint. Best of all other top Chinese restaurants in Rohini, The Chow serves you mouth watering dishes like Hakka noodles, steamed momos, beg spring roll and many other. This place doesn’t offer dine-in but is a classy restaurant for your takeaway orders.

  1. Mosaic:

The Mosaic located at Crown Plaza offers classy food and is an apt choice for people to hang with friends and family. It is considered as one of the posh restaurants at Rohini and offers a vast variety of mouth-watering foods.

 Fast Food:

  1. The Chocolate Villa:

A great place for small reunions with family and friends. The aroma of yummy chocolates will hit your nostrils the moment you enter The Chocolate Villa. Unfortunately, they don’t offer table service, but the place is best as you don’t mind serving yourself. Green apple soda and brownie chocolate shake are their best offerings, and they also offer best western foods like pizza, burgers, pasta and sandwiches.

  1. WTF – What’s The Food?

This place is sure to be your bestie for your fast food chitchats. The “WTF – What’s The Food?”  Restaurant offers variety of clinching fast food items like noodles (veg and non-veg), fried rice (veg and non-veg) and also Western foods like burgers, pizzas. This restaurant also serves chitchats like rolls of different varieties, Manchurian and dry chops. WTF restaurant is a must taste place in Rohini.

Not only these cuisines but also cuisines like desserts, bakery, South Indian are available in plenty in the restaurant at Rohini and Uttam Nagar at Delhi.