The Noida Expressway is a six lane highway which connects Noida and Greater Noida. It is one of the initial expressways which came up in the Delhi NCR region. The expressway measures a length of 24.53 km and was built at the cost of INR 400 crores to ease the traffic snarl experienced on the National Highway 2. Since it is an important connector there has been a lot of real estate development in this area.  There are many commercial and residential real estate developments along this stretch.

Properties in Noida Expressway are preferred by those who are working out of Noida but are unable to afford to live there. The prices for properties here are much lower when compared to those in areas such as Noida or even Gurgaon. The Noida Expressway stretch is divided into sectors. The highly preferred areas here are the sectors which are closer to Noida.
The connectivity offered by the Noida Expressway is considered to be one of the primary reasons for the growth of real estate in this region. It provides great connectivity to Delhi, Greater Noida and Noida. It is especially well connected to south Delhi through the Delhi Noida Delhi (DND) flyover. This hassle free connectivity is the main reason why apartment for sale in Noida Expressway is in demand.

To further enhance connectivity between Noida and Greater Noida, a metro link between these two areas has been approved of by the central government. This link will have 22 stations and will begin from Noida City Center and end at Knowledge Park-IV in Greater Noida. This stretch is expected to serve over 65000 passengers. This metro link will pass through the sectors in Noida Expressway and this will in turn lead to further appreciation of property rates here. Properties in Noida Expressway which fall within the two kms radius from metro stations will see a gradual appreciation of rates anywhere between 25 to 30%. Metro connectivity enhances the real estate prices wherever it is available. Many commercial establishments will also thrive when metro connectivity comes into the picture. Those living along this stretch hope that this project comes into play as soon as possible as there is a lack of public transportation in this area. Most people living here depend on their own transportation to move around. This link is expected to become operational by 2017 according to recent reports.

The area is considered to be affordable as one can easily purchase apartment for sale in Noida within a budget of INR 50 lakhs. The going rate for properties in Noida Expressway falls anywhere between INR 4200 to INR 5000. There is scope for major development here which has been tapped in by big developers such as the Jaypee Group. This group’s Wish Town project covers five sectors in Noida Expressway. This area has everything for every budget range be it affordable or luxury. This market is good for both end use and investment and prices here will only go up in the future.

Noida is one of the emerging markets in the national capital region. There are many areas like Greater Noida, Noida Extension and Yamuna Expressway gaining great prominence in the real estate sector. Both builders and home buyers have shown a growing demand to invest here. One such emerging property pockets in the Noida region is property in Sector 70 Noida. If you see the market trend, you will notice that this region has only shown a good progression from the year 2009. The growth in the demand for properties in the overall Noida has also had a huge impact in the price of property in Sector 70 Noida.

Reviews by residents of this region has shown that this is considered as one of the safe and well connected localities in Noida with good social amenities in place for the residents. Apart from good physical infrastructure the area has a lot more to offer its residents. Good planned layout, well laid road and great metro and road connectivity to parts of Gurgaon and Delhi has made this an interesting investment choice for many residents. Because of the ever growing industrial and service sector, there has been a steady demand for flats in Sector 70 Noida.

Prices indicate a steady growth of property prices in the region. Flats in Noida which were around INR 2500 to 2700 per square feet in October December 2009 has grown to INR 5200 to 5500 per square feet in April June 2014. This is a slow yet steady rise is property prices. This healthy growth rate has shown a good demand generated by the end users as well shown builders. The impact of steady growth has made this locality one of the most prominent developing localities in the Noida, national capital region.

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Yamuna Express is one of the few areas in Greater Noida that has availability of large parcels of land. Plots in Yamuna Expressway are said to be a great investment option for commercial and retail investment. This acts like a driver for residential real estate investment. This Expressway is 165 km long stretching from Noida to Greater Noida and finally till Agra.  Both Noida and Greater Noida are well developed localities. Yamuna Expressway has further improved connectivity of these localities. Since it connects these prominent localities in Delhi NCR it is said to create development in the Yamuna Expressway belt.

The area and its availability of land have lead to development of large integrated townships and gated community apartments in Yamuna Expressway.  Commercial activity is also mostly been around large industries and warehousing hubs in the region. NCR has always been an area where there is a lot of real estate and industrial activity and plots in Yamuna Expressway have opened up new avenues of investment in the National Capital Region. However this area is not on par with other areas are Noida and Greater Noida in terms of infrastructural development. The only development in terms of infra here is the Yamuna Expressway. The rest of the core infrastructure development like the metro rail and peripheral roads are also important for an area to grow as a good residential location. Yamuna Expressway however needs a little more planning and a few more years to see if the locality blossoms into a commercial hub or a good mix of residential real estate, retail and commercial activity.

One of the key advantages of this expressway is that it provides good connectivity to prominent areas in Delhi like Noida, and Greater Noida. These areas are seeing a lot of realty activity and are in great demand in the recent past. Since Noida and Greater Noida are seeing such fast paced development it is sure to precipitate to other regions along the Yamuna Expressway too. This is also one of the areas which provide low price point in the National Capital Region. This low pricing has definitely encouraged investors to acquire land for apartments in Yamuna Expressway. This healthy round of investments will show greater benefits in the near future. Now the market around the region might seem dull but sooner or later the market will pick up. Realty experts predict 4 years of gestation before your investments reap any benefit.

This has been evident in the price trend observed in the Yamuna Expressway belt. Prices of apartments here have been largely stagnant from the time the expressway became operational. Affordable housing projects are the buzz word and are many to choose from at this point. Affordable housing options have been limited in the NCR so this is said to pick and garner demand with potential home buyers who are looking to invest in cheaper homes in the National Capital Region. Even price for plots have been stable for the past one year, however relatively high.  Plots are supposed to garner the most interest in the next few years.

Gachibowli in Hyderabad is listed as the next popular IT/ITES destination of the city after Hi-tech city. Major IT campus developments can be seen in Gachibowli real estate. Gachibowli area also observe demand from occupiers who decided for SEZ areas. The IT improvements in Gachibowli have drawn various nationwide and local designers to create their personal tasks in this submarket. Currently personal prices are on development of this submarket and there are new tasks being suggested at places nearer to Gachibowli such as Gopanpally, Tellapur and Nallagandla. Retail store in Gachibowli is currently limited to high roads particularly on Old Mumbai Street. There are no shopping centers currently functional in Gachibowli real estate. Suppliers such as Dependency, Ratnadeep, Cafe Coffee Day, Train, Pizzas Area etc. have started out their shops on the Old Mumbai Street. However the Inorbit Shopping center at Hitec Town is at a range of 6 km from the submarket. Lanco’s Super Shopping center within the Lanco Mountains SEZ is released and it is predicted to complete in next three decades.
Gachibowli is well-connected by road as the Old Mumbai Street goes through this submarket. However, the trains and buses to Gachibowli is not sufficient. The Rajiv Gandhi Worldwide International airport is well linked with Gachibowli by the Nehru External Band Street. It also homes many schools such as ISB and School and apartments in Hyderabad. It has two resorts Hyatt and Regenta One. Navigator Medical center is building a 700-bed super-specialty hospital in Gachibowli real estate which is predicted to be the biggest medical care service in the town when functional.
According to reviews, accessibility to area for property and facilities improvements, enhanced connection along with relatively affordable costs of property than Hitec Town submarket is predicted to improve the investment potential of Gachibowli in in the future.

Traditional steep Thai roof styles have been integrated successfully from Phuket Villas to recent Phuket Apartment for Sale. Whatever is the site, proof of ownership has to be submitted either building permits or document showing previous sale-purchase. According to Civil law, even foreign nationals (aliens) may own a building and register such transfer of ownership into their names at the local district office.

In the early 90’s, the steep Thai ‘temple style’ roof became popular in Phuket Houses for sale.  It certainly made a lot of sense allowing Phuket to be marketed as unmistakably Thai in contrast to Bali homes.  

The villa market has now matured and developed to a point where buyers even allow architects to experiment with other less recognisable Asian roof designs as well as modernist concepts or blends of the two. Infact, the transition of Image

with its maritime climate of unstable and wet weather has eventually separated villa style.  

Be it a family who desire to have a practical integrated family living space, a western roof design or shallower Asian style is often the preferred choice.  Foreigners who adapt to such longer term residential usage in Phuket want reasonable storage space for closets and cupboards etc in rooms. 

However, one additional hindrance is that in west coast, paradoxical sea and beach view is difficult because the land is quite steep. Therefore, in multi home developments, the Thai roofs create problems for view lines from villas at the rear. This eventually put pressure to the Phuket land on this style and caused a rethink to shallower roofs and even flat roofs.

There are many Western developers who have already moved on to a blended Asian roof style.  They can either choose different roof tiles or shingles or have certain gable end or apex features to differentiate their designs.

To summarize, Phuket market has grown sufficiently in scale and matured now to be many different styles even if this isn’t exactly any one particular Thai design.

If you are planning to head to Bali Apartments for Sale in the near future, there is something you need to do to make it a different experience, and sure you’ll not regret.

Sustainability and eco-friendly tourism has become the buzzword for environmentally sensitive travellers. These are a few top experiences in Bali where you can enjoy a wonderful holiday whilst doing your part for the community.

Slow Food Bali: An amazing grassroots program that aims to be the antithesis of modern day fast food culture. Moving back to the early day’s mantra ‘We are what we eat’, this program helps participants rediscover the joy of eating healthily in a delicious manner. So, the next time you go Bali, join in one of their many events. For example, upcoming events include a workshop on using local ingredients such as Sambal, Salsa, and Chutney to create a sure palate-pleaser.

The Green School in Bali is possibly the greenest school on earth. Whilst its ultimate aim is to pay way for environmental leaders of the future, the Green school has to offer through one of the exciting Green Camps that are held periodically. You get a chance to learn a whole assortment of skills and enjoy plenty of novel experiences. Starting from learning Balinese arts and crafts, rice terraces or harvesting and eating organic food- a lifetime experience for anyone.

Eco-friendly Villas: Luxury and Eco-friendly are not always common bedfellows. But villa owners have a keen sense of social responsibility and take great care to minimize their eco footprint. Many Bali houses for Sale which are later rented for foreigners follow key rules. They practice recycling and utilize biodegradable cleaning products. Talk about a villa with a soul that burns for the local community!

Not only its intelligent design of space and contemporary furnishings, but their commitment towards society can make your jaw drop!!!

Thailand tourism is fast blooming, especially for sun seekers, so does the Thailand Real estate market for its cost cutting value. Whether buying a holiday home in Thailand or investing in property in Thailand, there is something in common one must know. What to buy? And, where to buy?

There are many ways verticals to have a secured property for sale in Phuket.  Even though Phuket Villas and resorts are considered as investment options, market trends have offered options of acquiring residential properties in the form of condominiums, Phuket apartments and houses either for primary residence on retirement years or rental income or simply an investment.

Buying a Condo

Phuket Condominium units may be legally lawful and registered in the name of a foreign national. Ever since the passing of Condominium Act B.E. 2522 (1979) as amended 2008, foreigners can buy a condo in this region but can hold upto 49% of his share.

Buying Other Types of Properties

Owning a Phuket Home or any other types is restricted for non-Thais’. However there are some loop holes for foreigners to buy Phuket land

1. Freehold ownership of land through a Thai Limited Company

Being a foreigner, it is possible to buy a Phuket land provided setting up a Thai Limited Company and doing registration under the name of Thai Limited Company. Despite the company’s shares are Thai-owned, both control of the company and freehold ownership over the land must be considered as the Director.

2. Leasehold on Property

If you could purchase a lease land in Phuket, you have got the safest investment for next 30 years. Even though a foreigner is allowed to own it for a term of maximum 30 years, there is a renewal option. Renewal of the lease is not enforceable in a court based on a promise made in a lease signed 30 years ago.Image

A travel to Thailand is incomplete without visiting the romantic island of Phuket. Known to be the home of several romantic and stunning beaches, there are varied choices of hotels, Phuket homes and apartments ranging from luxury types to affordable ones. Above all, this eccentric island has a tropical monsoonal climate.

Despite its being warm all year round, the two periods of April-May and September-October are the hottest in which, September- October period is completely moist due to the southwest monsoon. Its climatic condition is just like the Philippines. Phuket land  has dry season running from November to April and rainy season is from May to October.

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2013 runs from October 4th – 14th. Despite most of the action happens in Phuket Town, shopping for several of the street processions can be a great favourite time.

In low season of September, you can enjoy a bit of sun and wind together. Visiting beaches at this time would be dangerous. Big wave means you should not swim in the sea; it can be dangerous. A report says, a surprising number of people drown every year in Phuket.

Planning a Phuket trip is done but if you are thoughtful about staying, no worries. There is many Phuket Villas for Sale or rent or lease that don’t even cost much fortune compared to the amenities provided.Image

Renting a luxury holiday Bali Villa is the right decision as it can be much better than reserving a hotel in numerous respects. The fact that every person likes to create joyful reminiscences and you’ll definitely have a good one in this destination. People certainly love to visit exotic nations due to their fine climate and also there are numerous attractions and also hot deals making visitors to definitely adore this country.

For Families and Groups: Picking a cosy Private Bali house would be ideal. Villas like this have their own pools and they are commonly near to nature. Plus, these places have modern features to help you find peace to stay because they have a very good garden place.

Before selecting and renting from a Bali Home for Sale/ Rent one should understand that there are particular factors that appreciate your vacation the way that you desire it to be. 

The first thing that you have to do when planning for a holiday break in Bali is to determine what you wish to go through during your stay there. Bali land is known for ocean front villas to make your holiday getaway enjoyable. 

If you want to take more time on shopping and tasting excellent meals and wish to enjoy fascinating night life then Seminyak is your place. 

The Bali home you rented must have some essential amenities the number of bed rooms as well as bath rooms as well as the kinds.  

Be it Bali Apartments for sale  consider the availability of their offered services as well as amenities. Only if you feel good regarding it then choosing renting a luxury villa is the next best thing you can do and also have the ideal trip ever.Image

Tourists travel all around to Bali to get lost in those paradoxical sunset views and all the wonderful sites and attractions that they had been hearing from family members and friends who had been to the island. Perhaps, others would like to enjoy the overflowing hospitality and courteousness of the Balinese people. There are even newly-wed couples who want to start their new lives by experiencing this romantic hideaway.

Whatever might be your reason for going to this Indonesian island, one of the first mandatory jobs is to book accommodation. Not every place with board Bali Property for Sale/ rent actually fits the bill. Each varies with extreme prices.

For those who can spend love to enjoy a luxurious vacation, it’s nice to opt for Bali villa. Despite the main tourist areas of this exotic island are in the southern portion of Bali like Kuta, Dusa Dua, and Sanur, there are many beach-front Bali homes that can offer quiet and relaxing times.

A lot of tourists love building-style hotels because of the modernity that they offer. Whereas, many who look into the culture and heritage of this land choose Bali Apartments for Sale have an authentic taste of the local culture. Choosing a private villa means you take advantage of a beautiful and private rooms complete with convenient beds, wash rooms, lush gardens and baths. It also offers spacious dining and living rooms, as well as larges terraces.

As an end note, to make it a truly wonderful Bali Land, as mentioned earlier, spend time in booking an accommodation. Why because you don’t have to get lost in the crowd of great choices over villas and homes. Needless to say, whatever your choice of a Bali accommodation might be, look for that you really desire check for a well-reputed agent and still enjoy savings and extra benefits. Happy Sizzling retreat!!!


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